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[aMERICANa cOUNTRY wESTERN sWING fOLK] (1) Vintage Oldies Western Movies Soundtracks & Co.

Polly Mckay - Single I Am and Single I'll Stay (OST "Fighting Mustang" US 1939) +

Gene Autry & Smiley Burnette - Home On The Praire (TV MOVIE US 1939)

Ozie Waters and His Colorado Rangers - Road That Leads To Nowhere (US 1946) +

Ozie Waters and His Colorado Rangers - Big Corral (US 1946)

Smiley Burnette & Ozie Waters and His Colorado Rangers - Way Down Low (US 1938)

Smiley Burnette & Texas Jim Lewis and his Lonestar Cowboys - Trouble Always Finding
(OST "Law of the Canyon" US 1946)

Texas Jim Lewis and his Lonestar Cowboys - Ridin' the Trail Back Home (OST "Law of the Canyon" US 1946)

Smiley Burnette - He'll Be Getting Some Sleep (OST "Galloping Thunder" US 1939)

Smiley Burnette - He Was an Amateur Once

Smiley Burnette & Roy Rogers - Little Song About Anything (OST "Billy the Kid Returns" US 1938)

Smiley Burnette & The Cass County Boys - It Sure Sounds Good To Me (US 40s)

Smiley Burnette & Hank Penny and His Plantation Boys - Bless Your Heart (US 1940)

Smiley Burnette & Adelle Roberts - I Wish I Could Be a Singing Cowboy

Smiley Burnette - The Wind Sings A Cowboy Song (US 1939)

Smiley Burnette - When You Go (US 1941)

Smiley Burnette - Don't Be Mad At Me (US 1940)

Smiley Burnette and The Cass County Boys - Inside Looking Out (US 1941)

Smiley Burnette and Mustard & Gravy - Hear the Little Cricket (US 1939)

Smiley Burnette - Scaredy Cat Blues (US 1939) +

Smiley Burnette - Fiddlin' Fool (US 1948)

Smiley Burnette - I'm Looking Poor but Feeling Rich

Smiley Burnette - Mosey On Over to My House

Gene Autry & Smiley Burnette - All I Do is Hang my Head and Cry (OST US 1953)
The movie was "On Top of Old Smoky" one of the last Autry films in 1953.
Burnette had finished the Durango Kid series with Charles Starrett and came over to do
six pictures with Autry. It was a Hank Williams song, probably came out a few years earlier.
Gene used a lot of popular pop tunes in? his films, including Hank Williams.

Smiley Burnette - Hominy Grits on Ranch Party (US TV SHOW 1957 LIVE)

Lester Alvin Burnett (March 18, 1911 - February 16, 1967)
better known as Smiley Burnette
was a popular American country music performer and a comedic actor in Western films and on radio and TV,
playing sidekick to Gene Autry and other B-movie cowboys. He was also a prolific singer-songwriter
who could play as many as 100 musical instruments, some simultaneously.
His career, beginning in 1934, spanned four decades, including a regular role
on CBS-TV's Petticoat Junction in the 1960s.
Just after completing the fourth season of Petticoat Junction, Burnette became ill.
On February 16, 1967, a month before his 56th birthday, he died in Encino, California,
from leukemia and was interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California.
Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette in Home On The Praire

Dominic's Fun Facts - Smiley Burnette

 * * *

Charles Starrett & Merle Travis and the Bronco Busters

Adelle Roberts & Walt Shrum and his Colorado Hillbillies - There's a Tear In Your Eye

Gene Austin - Yearning (Just For You) (US 1925)

Gene Austin "She's Funny That Way" (US 1928)

Gene Austin - Everything's Made for Love (US 1926)

Leon Redbone - Yearning (Just For You) (US 1925/1978)

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Yearning Just for You (1938)

Ozie Waters and His Colorado Rangers - Louisville Lady

Alice Faye - Sing, Baby, Sing! (OST US 1936)

Johnnie Allan - Promised Land (US TV 1983 LIVE)

Johnnie Allan - You Got Me Whistling (US 1959)

North To Alaska ~ Johnny Horton (US 1960)

John Denver - Take me Home, Country Roads (US TV 1973 LIVE)

Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies - Four or Five Six Times

The Ross Sisters - (OST US 1944)

* * *
Robert Crumb & the Cheap Suit Serenaders - Home (US 1976)

Robert Crumb & the Cheap Suit Serenaders - Singing in the Bathtub

Robert Crumb & East River String Band - So Sorry Dear (France 2013 LIVE)

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